Saviour of All Fellowship
November 2001

Dear Friends in Faith,
    The opposition to the evangel that God is the Saviour of all mankind continues to grow, and the common idea that there can be no certainty of God actually saving all because the experience of actual salvation is dependent on the human continues to be especially popular. Nevertheless, these simple facts still stand: We all are sinners. None of us can save ourselves. We must be saved by the Saviour, or no one will be saved. And the Saviour is the Saviour of all.

Tony Writes:
    Faulty translations often tested the faith of early Universalists. Take for instance Dr. Thomas Burnet. In the late 1600’s he wrote “De Statu Mortuorum, et Resurgentium” in which he examined what early Fathers said as to future punishment. He understood that the devils and wicked souls would eventually be sentenced to a just and remedial punishment. But his faith was challenged by the KJV translation which led him to write that “Christ and the Apostles have indeed said, that the punishment of the damned shall be eternal.” Yet he was convinced that “the goodness of the Almighty, and the merciful character of Christ, Who is to judge the world, are opposed to such a sentiment.” He also wrote that “It is repugnant to divine wisdom; for an immutable state of misery is useless and vain, and therefore unworthy of God.” And he wrote: “Divine justice and equity, as well as wisdom, are against the supposition of endless torment: whom God has made frail, he will not punish eternally for falling.” “Nor can the theory of infinite sin be admitted, since this would destroy altogether the principle of relative demerit, and make every sin, great or small, infinite and deserving the same punishment.” It is too bad that Dr. Burnet did not understand the Greek words aion and aionios. Yet it is refreshing to see that his faith in the goodness of God and Christ would not allow him to believe what was mistranslated by the translators, though at the time he did not know it was mistranslated. (see Modern History of Universalism, p.97-100).

We complete our schedule of monthly Fellowships for this year on November 3 here in Almont. Then on the 10th the monthly meetings in Waterloo, Ontario for 2001 will also draw to a close. We are thankful for these opportunities to meet with others and freely and unitedly speak of God’s purpose for all mankind and His grace to us in Christ Jesus. We look forward to similar gatherings next year and would be glad to hear from others in the Great Lakes area who may be interested in hosting one of these meetings or who may have suggestions concerning such efforts.
    There are good reports of the meetings in Baldwin, Michigan on October 6, in Waterloo, Ontario on the 13th and near Wagener, South Carolina on October 26-28.
    God’s Word is light, and this is testified to again by a small booklet of favorite texts chosen and briefly commented on by a group of friends. A free copy, as long as supplies last, is offered by the compiler, Leila Watts, 120 Gilmour Cres., Kitchener, Ont. N2M 4N4, Canada.

In His Grace and Peace,
Dean Hough and Tony Nungesser


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