Saviour of All Fellowship
February 2001

Dear Friends in Faith,
    The welcome word that we may rely on God as the Living God and as the Saviour of all mankind becomes more and more welcome all the time.
    This has been proving to be a difficult winter, not only because of the weather, but also because of the news of sickness and death among our readers. But the message of God’s love and grace in Christ Jesus, not only as it relates to us, but as it ultimately will relate to all, brings daily light and joy in the midst of struggle.
We are sorry to hear of the recent deaths of Sister Margaret Mann of Denver, Colorado, and Brother Kevin Berry of East Lansing, Michigan. Also we join in prayer for Bob Killen of Centerville, Ohio, and Bill Penn of Davis, California, as they minister to their wives both of whom are afflicted with Alzheimer’s disease.
    Kevin Berry, who died on Christmas Day, was a special friend who became acquainted with reliance on the living God the hard way. He was seriously injured in an accident a number of years ago, leaving him severely handicapped. Crippled and speaking with great difficulty, he became a minister of joy and encouragement at our Fellowships with his radiant smile and fervent attention. We will miss him very much and send condolences to his parents and family and many friends.
    Because of travel and scheduling difficulties we are planning this year to begin our Fellowship conferences with the April meeting which will be held here in Almont on Saturday, April 28. We are looking forward to further Fellowships in Kitchener, Ontario; Willard, Ohio; and Grand Rapids, Baldwin and Eaton Rapids, Michigan, and will announce them later.
    On a message board on the internet, after Tony had posted the scriptures which testify to God saving, justifying, vivifying, heading up and being All in all mankind, he received this question:
“Once you have accepted Jesus is it not possible that you are able to reject God and lose heaven?”
    Tony replies by quoting the verses again and asking, in light of each passage, how a human being changing his or her mind can undo what the passage states God has done. It is a lively response to a common error in thinking. We will send a copy of Tony’s whole response on request. Or you can read it here
    In his book translated into English under the title, THE COMING OF GOD, the German theologian, Jurgen Moltmann, asks, “Who makes the decision about the salvation of lost men and women, and where is the decision made? Every Christian theologian is bound to answer: God decides for a person and for his or her salvation, for otherwise there is no assurance of salvation at all . . . . The great turning point from disaster to salvation took place on Golgotha; it does not just happen for the first time at the hour when we decide for faith, or are converted” (p.245). No wonder Moltmann believes in universal reconciliation.

Yours in God’s grace and peace,
Dean Hough and Tony Nungesser


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