Saviour of All Fellowship
March 2001

Dear Friends in Faith,
    Our thanks to John Braucht of St. Petersburg, Florida for sending us a complimentary copy of his autobiography, A LIFETIME WORTH REMEMBERING (JWB Publishing, 6201 29th Ave. North, St. Petersburg FL 33710). In it he makes mention of his work in distributing scriptural material (including that of the Concordant Publishing Concern and the Saviour of All Fellowship). Of special interest to us is his reference on page 171 to a Jewish teacher who introduced him to the Greek text used in translating the Concordant Version. This was the late Julius Shaw of Pine Bluff, Arkansas, who encouraged us in the early years of publishing this newsletter. He also tells of the good work of Earl Brown and Marvin Rice in spreading the truth of universal reconciliation in the St. Petersburg area.
    Also we want to thank James Alexander of Philpot, Kentucky, for sharing information about some academic papers and journal articles on the subject of universal salvation. Hopefully we can prepare a list of these and others we have noted, for our readers.

Tony writes: I have been trying to learn a computer programming language called Java. It may be hard to believe that there can come a deep spiritual truth from this. There is a very crucial concept called “inheritance” in Java. I start out with a class called a “super class,” and every class connected with this super class inherits all the attributes of the super class. The Book states concerning inheritance: “The situation is pretty comparable to the way you inherited all kinds of things from your parents, . . . height, hair color, love of music and a reluctance to ask for directions. They inherited some of these things from their parents, who inherited from theirs, and backward through time to the Garden of Eden . . . .” (Sam's Teach Yourself Java 2).
    I am finding that many things in Java relate to real life situations such as the above. The laws of the Java language are set so that if one breaks them the program just will not work. So also, all mankind inherit death from Adam according to Romans 5:12. It used to be that no man was able to break this law of inheritance from Adam. The only Person to be able to enter into the human system without having full inheritance from Adam was Jesus Christ. He was not “constituted a sinner” as we all were (cf Rom.5:19). Adam is the “super class” and we all as a class of sinners inherited all our sinning constitution from him. But, and this is the good news, Christ is the new Super class. And He is starting a new creation; “In Christ there is a new creation” (2 Cor.5:17). “In Christ shall all [mankind] be vivified” (1 Cor.15:22). All mankind will be constituted just in that far off time. Yet “each in his own class.”
    How we all look forward to that wonderful time where all walk in perfect love.
    For various reasons we have not scheduled a monthly conference since last November, but now we are happy to announce a special day of fellowship here in Almont on April 28 at the home of Tom and Joanne Hough, 7170 Hough Road, from 11:00 to 4:00. Similar gatherings are scheduled for Kitchener, Ontario, on April 14 and May 12. And the June weekend conference will be held in Willard, Ohio, June 8-10.

Yours in God's grace and peace,
Dean Hough and Tony Nungesser


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