Saviour of All Fellowship
May 2001

Dear Friends in Faith,
    We are thanking God for the fellowship on April 28 which we had at Tom and Joanne Hough's home here in Almont. We had friends from Michigan, Canada and quite a few from Ohio join us in song and fellowship around the Scriptures.
    Friday evening the brothers arrived from Ohio, so we fellowshipped around the Word till late at night at the home of Dean and Gisela.
    On Saturday Dean gave a talk from Colossians 1:13-20 showing that the reconciliation of all is the outcome of God's love. J. P. gave us more information concerning his new book which is soon to be released. T. M. gave a talk from Galatians in relation the book of Acts. I (Tony) gave a talk in the form of a story for my daughter, Jaclyn who is 8 years old, on figures of speech involved in the bread and cup being the body and blood of our Lord. The “grown-ups” seemed to benefit from my talk as well.
    We were truly blessed to be reunited in the common bond in Christ. We will be having another meeting in Canada the 12th of this month in Kitchener/Waterloo Ontario. We hope to see some of you there.
    The June conference in Willard, Ohio is scheduled for June 8-10 (hosted by J. and M.P., OH).
    We plan meetings at Baldwin and Grand Rapids later this year but are still uncertain about the dates.
    Dorothy Hibberd writes that Philippians 3:20,21 has become a passage of special encouragement with regard to our bodies of humiliation.
    Our happy expectation is very important to us. And to see this as a part (and not the whole) of God's purpose to reconcile all to Himself through the Son of His love makes it even more important in these days. I (Dean) never was taught that some people would suffer eternal damnation or be annihilated, so I do not have any personal testimony about the effects of such a belief on a person's peace and happiness. But it must be very bad. I remember the testimony of Albert Barnes, who said of the concept that God can save all but does not do so: “It is all dark–dark–dark to my soul–and I cannot disguise it” (Practical Sermons, 1859, p.125).
    A friend asked if we had extra copies of Joseph Kirk's tract “The Purpose of God, What is it?” We do not, but it is available (along with other articles) on our web site. We are willing to print out single copies of such studies for those without computers or who are unable to “download” them. For this month we offer single copies of this tract on God's purpose for creation on your request.

Yours in God's grace and peace,
Dean Hough and Tony Nungesser


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