Saviour of All Fellowship
June 2001

Dear Friends in Faith,
    On a message board on the internet, a person named David wrote this about the gospel being scary:
    Tony, the word of God makes me tremble every time I read it! The gospel of Jesus Christ is a scary gospel! But to those who can rest safe in their repentant heart and their acknowledgment of the sacrifice given for the few then it can also be a glorious and enriching one!
    Tony’s reply: No, the gospel of Jesus Christ is not scary. “Gospel” means “Good News.” Your gospel is scary because it is a “dread teach” from doctrines of demons.
    David, come over to the wonderful good news that Jesus actually IS the ransom for all mankind (1 Tim.2:6) and it is because of this that “God will have all mankind to be saved” (1 Tim.2:4).
    You need dread no longer. God not only loves the world and you, He actually is fond of all mankind (Titus 3:4) and so is fond of you too. He bids all mankind to be at peace with Him because He is at peace with all mankind right now (2 Cor.5:18-21) so you can be at peace with Him too.
    What I also find interesting is the seemingly innocuous statement by David above where he writes “. . . the sacrifice given for the few.” We are informed that “Christ died for the sake of all,” (2 Cor.5:14) and that He is “the correspondent Ransom for all” (1 Tim.2:6).
    Dean observes: We are all God’s creatures, but we don’t seem to have a very high opinion of Him. A few of us, like “David,” think of Him as eternally angry and determined not save everybody, and others think of Him as well-meaning but not daring to interfere with the sovereign free will they think He has given us. The only thing these two groups seem to agree on is that God will never actually be the Saviour of all mankind.
    Thanks to Travis Ogletree for sending us a photocopy of Andrew Juke’s reply to H. N. Oxenham on “Catholic Eschatology.”
    Our June conference will be hosted by J. P. in Willard, Ohio, beginning at 7:00 p.m. Friday, June 8. Meetings will continue on Saturday and Sunday, all held at “The Depot” on Main Street (Rt. 103). Speakers will include Jeff and T.M. as well as both Tony and Dean.
    For next month Orville Hunt is hosting our Fellowship on Saturday July 14 at the Pilgrim Manor Chapel, 2000 Leonard St. NE, in Grand Rapids. The meetings will begin at 11:00 in the morning and continue to about 4:00. There will not be a potluck meal this time, but there are restaurants nearby for the lunch break.
    Sadly, we report the death of Brother Bruce Wimmer of Baldwin, Michigan on May 11. Our prayers are with his wife, Lucile, who herself has suffered a series of strokes, and with all our friends in Baldwin.

Yours in God’s grace and peace,
Dean Hough and Tony Nungesser


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