Saviour of All Fellowship
September 2001

Dear Friends in Faith,
    “God will have all mankind to be saved” and “God IS the Saviour of all mankind. These things be charging and teaching.” (1 Tim.2:4; 4:10,11). I asked on an internet message board: “If you are not teaching so, why not? Why are you disobedient to your Lord? Please give me exact particulars why you are disobedient. Please word it like this: God tells me to charge and teach that ‘God will have all mankind to be saved’ and that ‘God IS the Saviour of all mankind’ but I really don't want to obey God because it might get me kicked out of my church . . . or I may lose some friends.” To the above request, I received this:

    “To your assertion of 1 Tim.: God is the savior of all men. I agree with that. God is the Savior of all men, be it one man, or all men. The real question here is what does the verse mean. The universalist assumes that it means God will save all men, but is this so, do these verses say that? These verses rather than saying all men are saved has to do with the scope of the offer of salvation. Hence we believe it indicates that God offers salvation to all men. In the verse mankind is divided in those that believe and by implication those that do not believe.”

    Tony's reply: Overlooking that fact that you didn't answer my question, now what I would like to know is why would God tell us to charge and teach that God is the Saviour of all if it is just an offer to save all? Does this really make sense? Does it make sense to say: We are to charge and teach that God is the Saviour of all mankind because God offers salvation to all mankind but not all will accept it? Am I missing something here?

     During our Fellowship in Baldwin, Michigan, on July 18, Dean conducted a memorial service for Bruce Wimmer, who died last May. One week later on August 25, Bruce's widow, Lucile (Johnson) was put to repose after a long illness. Tony and Dean conducted her funeral service on August 29, recalling her calm and cheerful assurance that God is working all together for good, and her steadfast reliance on the living God Who is the Saviour of all mankind. We join Lucile's sister, Dorothy Hibberd, the rest of her family and many other close friends in sorrow over this loss, but with eager expectation of that day when we will all be together with our Lord.
    Through the kindness of Lucile's brother, Chuck Johnson, and others in their family, we have received a number of publications found in the Wimmer home (tracts, pamphlets and some books), primarily dealing with God's victory in Christ for all mankind. We are sorting these out for distribution, and as a starter are offering, in Bruce and Lucile's memory, a gift packet of tracts by Joseph E. Kirk (the founder of Saviour of All Fellowship) to those requesting it.
    The September Fellowship is scheduled for Saturday the 15th at the home of Lou and Dianne K. just south of Lansing. As usual we will begin about 11:00 in the morning and close around 4:00 in the afternoon. Contributions of food to the noon meal are welcome. Similar days of fellowship are scheduled for October 6 in Baldwin and November 3 in Almont.
In His Grace and Peace,
Dean Hough and Tony Nungesser

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