Saviour of All Fellowship
January 2002

Dear Friends in Faith,
    2001 has proven to be a year to remember. So many sweeping disasters in the world during that year. And yet we have so very much to be thankful for. In the midst of an economic downturn and death and destruction we are rather enriched with all the assurance of the riches of understanding and exult in the peace which only God can give. Hopefully this year we will exalt ever more in what God has accomplished for all mankind. We are thankful to God for all of you who have stood with us through the prior years and pray that God continues to give grace for all of us to be faithful.
    Sometimes those who do not believe that all will be saved say things about “universalism” that make us wonder why they are so set against it. Here are two cases in point:
    “There is a sense . . . in which everyone (except the universalist) limits the atonement one way or another. The Arminians limit its effectiveness in that it fails to save everyone, while the Calvinist limit its intention in that it was only designed to save the elect. The consistent universalists make it 100 percent effective by both intent and outcome, for, in their view, God intended to save everyone by the death of his son, and will infallibly succeed in doing so.” (R.K. McGregor Wright, No Place for Sovereignty, InterVarsity Press, p.103)
    “. . . if Christ’s death is a redemption and a reconciliation with God and the means of turning God’s wrath away from sinners–and it is all these things!–then if He did it for everyone, everyone would be saved.” (Tom Wells, A Price for a People, Banner of Truth Trust, p.52)
    These are statements from “Calvinists” expositors who see the Bible as teaching Christ died only for the elect. As for “Arminians,” who see the Bible as teaching Christ died for every one without exception, I marvel even more at their opposition to universal reconciliation.
    But, as long as our supply lasts, we are offering a set of pamphlets and booklets on the theme of God All in all, published by Concordant Publishing Concern or Grace and Truth magazine. These are mostly older editions of articles that are still in print, though a few are not presently available in new printings. We will be happy to see these distributed and are offering them without charge, though we prefer to send one set only to each person requesting them. Due to the high cost of postage, it is difficult to send these packets to anyone outside the United States.
    Our dear sister, Dorothy Hibberd, who has spent so many years testifying to the truth of the evangel especially among young people, is suffering from cancer and presently staying in a hospice in Baldwin. She enjoys letters and cards from fellow believers, which can be sent to her at (address taken out).

In His Grace and Peace,
Dean Hough and Tony Nungesser


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