Saviour of All Fellowship
April 2002

Dear Friends in Faith,
We wish to share some thoughts from our readers this month:

    From Oregon, Gladys Hammond writes: “It has come to my attention in the past few months what it means to ‘put our minds on things above.’ There is such a contrast in the focus of what our friends teach and what the mainstream churches teach! In all the materials we have from Concordant teachers the focus is on God and what He has accomplished on behalf of all creation! This is the happy God you mentioned in your February letter. In contrast, the others focus on what we must do in order to please an angry God who is bent on sending us to eternal torment if we are not successful in pleasing Him according to His law! We are so thankful that the focus continues to be on our Father and what He has accomplished for us and that we can rest in Him!

    In an article he sent us, Jim Burson from Ohio, comments: “In John 1:12 it says ‘To as many as have received him’ . . . . Should it not mean ‘to obtain’ rather than ‘to take’? How then can this text be quoted to point out man’s responsibility or ability to go out and take, get or even find Jesus? Do we not receive (obtain) Christ in the same way the earth receives the rain–effortlessly and as objects of His choice?”

    In a paper entitled, “Some Salient Bible Facts,” George Howe from California writes: “God has been fulfilling a master plan which has been in place from before the creation. It covers and controls all phenomena, including both good and evil. Nothing has ever taken God by surprise, including the origin of Satan and the fall of man. No events occurred that were outside the purpose of His will. He has worked, and will continue to work, in all and through all, to accomplish His purpose, and God is love.”

    Irene Jensen from Wisconsin tells of her happiness that “all is of God, and He has chosen us before the disruption, and the rest will all be reconciled to God through Christ’s sacrifice so God will be All in all.” But she adds the realization that “we can’t make anyone believe these truths unless God works in them to see it.”

    As previously announced, conferences are scheduled this month in Richmond, Virginia on April 5-7, in Waterloo, Ontario on April 13, and in Grand Rapids, Michigan on April 27.

    Update: April 3. We just heard that Dorothy Hibberd suffered a paralyzing stroke yesterday and is presently in the Reed City hospital. Dean and Gisela Hough had visited her a few days earlier, and she was in good spirits, thanking God for all things. An appreciation of the riches of His grace in Christ Jesus has this effect.

Yours in His Grace,
Dean Hough and Tony Nungesser


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