Saviour of All Fellowship
June 2002

Dear Friends in Faith,
    Dorothy Hibberd of Baldwin, Michigan, died on May 3, 2002, at age 81, and on May 7, the day of her funeral, Robert Killen of Centerville, Ohio, died at age 88. They were close friends of this work, as we were of their own labors in their locations. Dorothy learned of the truth of universal reconciliation especially through the ministry of Dirk W. Venlet (who taught, in the 1940’s and 1950’s, in both Baldwin and Almont, two small Michigan towns about 200 miles apart) and Bob realized this truth, about the same time, under the teaching of Frank Lyons (who, incidently, had taught a Bible class in Almont before moving from the Detroit area to Ohio about 1930). They both were privileged to share the evangel of Christ’s death for sinners, and its ultimate effects for all, in their own ways and spheres. Dorothy had served as a missionary and teacher of children for many years, and toiled in planning and hosting many “fellowships” in Baldwin, typing up reports and keeping a lively correspondence with many others of like faith. In 1973 she married Lloyd Hibberd, a widower, who had also been a member of Frank Lyon’s class in Ohio. Back in Centerville, Bob Killen carried on a Bible class for many years, carefully preparing a synopsis of each lesson.

So there were many connections, besides our common faith, between them and ourselves. Dean spoke at both funerals. Tony would have also participated, but he was in Santa Clarita, California at the time helping at the Concordant Publishing Concern (his report follows). We look back on all these associations with thanksgiving to God. We will miss these friends very much. But we also look about ourselves in the present opportunities for service, and ahead to what the living God has prepared for us all, with happiness and peace. To know God as the Saviour of all mankind increases our reliance on Him and assurance of the full defeat of death and sin and the full victory of live and righteousness in Christ.

I am back home from my trip to California. It was a real pleasure to once again be with Jim and Sue Coram and to meet again the brethren who attend the meetings at the Concern.
    While I was out there, it seemed to me that there is a growing amount of new people that God is bringing into at least wanting to know more about His goal for mankind. This was evident as I was filing all the many orders and correspondence into the filing cabinets. I made many new dividers for people who had not contacted the Concern before. And yet at the same time I was reminded of the operation of death as files had to be closed. Yet the truth of God marches on. There were letters of encouragement and letters of condemnation as it pertains to the message and our efforts to make it known. Yet, thankfully, the encouragement far outweighed the other. The sequel to the matter of the discouragers though is that eventually they too will be brought into a realization of the truth as God has encouraged us that He will do (1 Tim.2:4).

We will both be speaking at the Northern Ohio Conference in Willard, Ohio, June 7-9, hosted by J. P.

A selection from Brother Killen’s outlines and Sister Hibberd’s Bible lessons for children will be sent on request.

Yours in His Grace,
Dean Hough and Tony Nungesser


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