Saviour of All Fellowship
December 2003

Dear Friends in Faith,
    A number of issues ago the question: “What does grace mean to you,” was asked. We received a few responses and so would like to share the main points of each. Phil Scranton wrote that “Grace means that God is in control. There is nothing more that He must accomplish than that which pleases Him. Our sins and degree of obedience are not the primary things. The sober, unrelenting guardians of justice have been silenced by the cross. Now they must stand by quietly, while the Creator synthesizes and fashions the intricate elements of good and evil experiences into the crystals of realization. God is taking the time and spending the effort to make humanity what it must become. How much we stumble is not the critical issue, but rather that we come to realize the truth.”
    Sumner Koch wrote: “To me it means two words: Complete Freedom! No cares, no worries. Thank God for His Christ! Our Lord and Saviour. Amen!”
    Jeff Bohlender wrote a rather lengthy but fine reply as well. He wrote: “In Philemon 1:18 Paul says, ‘now if in anything he (Onesimus) injures you, or is owing aught, this be charging to my account.’ I was impressed with this gracious disposition in Paul. Now Paul no doubt received this disposition from our Lord Jesus Christ; and as a brother who has spent time in the past fearing what may happen at the dais of Christ, when I read these words one morning, I began to entertain the possibility that maybe the Lord would be nice enough to cover me in this way at that time. He surely has an account which would more than cover my damages. And Paul did say regarding Onesiphorus, ‘May the Lord grant to him to be finding mercy from the Lord in that day!’
    “However, whether He gives mercy or not, I believe that whatever His judgment is in that day it will be perfect and good for all. And I also have prayed that this gracious disposition that was in Paul would also be in me and all of us. Some days after praying this, while considering this subject I began to feel that I would not want to rob from the Lord in that day for my blunders unless I was completely bankrupt. And as God supplies the account and willingness to give I would also like to cover others’ lack if possible. But as always, none of us could do anything without our Disposer’s constant operation and supply.
    “I know some dear saints who are still living in fear of being cast into outer darkness for 1000 years, being hurt by the 2nd death, being locked out of the wedding feast, etc. May the Lord be merciful to all of us.
    “What does grace mean to me? To me it means ALL, because by it God is becoming ALL in all. Or to put it another way it means GOD is becoming our all.”
    Bob Evely is putting on another Bible conference February 27-29. On the 27th you are invited to Bob and Jill Evely’s home at 7:00 P.M. The main meeting on the 28th will be in Nicholasville, Kentucky and goes from 9:00 A.M. until 8:00 P.M. You won’t want to miss it. On the 29th there will be Bible study and fellowship at the Evely home beginning at 9:00 A.M.

Yours in God’s Grace,
Dean Hough and Tony Nungesser


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