Saviour of All Fellowship
April 2003

Dear Friends in Faith,
    Another encouragement is the publication of a new book, AT THE END OF THE AGES . . . THE ABOLITION OF HELL, by Bob Evely (who was our host at the Lexington, Kentucky conference in February). This book of about 170 pages can be ordered through the internet at: for $11.50 per copy, plus postage, or downloaded at that site as an e-book for $3.95.
    Also, Tony and Jim Coram have been working together for a new edition of Vladimir Gelesnoff’s small but thoughtful book, THE AGES, as well as some other presently out- of-print studies from Concordant Publishing Concern.
    Preparations are also underway for printing some tracts on the good news of God’s work in Christ for all mankind. Here is a quotation from one of these, entitled “The Gospel” (by Joseph E. Kirk): “. . . the gospel reveals the righteousness of God in that it provides the righteous basis upon which God assures the ultimate salvation of all sinners. See 1 Timothy 4:9-11; 2:3-8; Romans 5:18,19; 1 Corinthians 15:20-28; Philippians 2:6-11; Colossians 1:20,21.”
    We appreciate your interest in this welcome and faithful message, and concern for its further proclamation. God is faithful; to Him be all the glory!
    Early this month our area was hit by a severe ice storm, leaving us without phones and electricity for four days. The glittering ice covering the trees was beautiful in the sun, but it brought quite a lot of damage and struggle.
    At the same time, of course, a war raged in part of the area of Old Babylon.

    As believers we are reassured by the words of Romans 8:18-25, knowing that even though God has subjected the entire creation to vanity, yet He has done so in expectation that it will be freed from the slavery of corruption into the glorious freedom of the sons of God. (There is no everlasting hell in that!)
    Also at that time, a number of our readers were enjoying fellowship at the Bible conference in Richmond, Virginia, and then a week later, we attended a day of fellowship in Waterloo, Ontario. We are thankful to God for these opportunities and all the effort made. We rely on the living God, Who is the Saviour of all mankind, especially of believers. These things be charging and teaching (1 Tim.4:10,11).
    Again in accord with this instruction of Paul, we are hosting a day of fellowship here in Almont on May 3 at the home of Tom and Joanne Hough, 7170 Hough Road. We hope to begin about 10:00 in the morning and continue till about 4:00. A noon meal is planned at the farmhouse. (Motels in Imlay City, about 8 miles north of Almont, include: Days Inn, phone 810-724-8005, and Super 8, phone 810-724-8700.)
    Looking further ahead, there will be a three-day conference in Willard, Ohio, on June 13-18, and one in Kitchener/Waterloo, Ontario on August 15-17. The September Fellowship is scheduled for the 6th at the home of Lou and Diane Klinger in Eaton Rapids, Michigan. In October there will be meetings in Grand Rapids, Michigan on October 4 and 5, and in Fairview (near Wagener), South Carolina, on October 24-26. We will give further details later.

Yours in His Grace,

Dean Hough and Tony Nungesser


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