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January 2003
August extra, 2003                                        

Concerning the “Joy of the Lord” Newsletter of August, 2003:
     We have received the August Newsletter issued by Joy of the Lord, P.O. Box 237, Audubon NJ 08106, written by Arthur Melanson. What a great title! No doubt there are issues of this newsletter that focus on such passages as Matt.25:21,23; John 15:11; Rom.14:17; 15:13 and Phil.1:25; but this issue has little to say about the joy that is in Christ Jesus or that comes from Him.
     Seven of its thirteen paragraphs begin with the words, “Some try and tell us that eventually everyone will go to heaven,” followed by a scriptural reference which, I suppose, is intended to refute this claim. While I would not speak of God’s purpose for all mankind in terms of going to heaven, nevertheless I believe that the passages quoted by Mr. Melanson do not refer to final things. I would hope that he and others who take his position would find the joy of relating the scriptural warnings he quotes along with such scriptural words of glad tidings relating to the death and resurrection of our Lord as follows:
     Jesus said that some would die in their sins (John 8:24), but He also said, in speaking of His death, that if He was lifted up from the earth He would draw all to Himself (John 12:32, KJV). Dying in sins cannot speak of the final state.
     John tells about those who deny that Jesus is the Christ (1 John 2:22,23), but he also writes that Jesus Christ is the propitiation for the sins of the whole world (1 John 2:2), and Paul tells us that all will acclaim that Jesus Christ is Lord (Phil.2:9-11).
     Paul writes of those who will not inherit the kingdom of God (Gal.5:19-21) and those who are accursed (Gal.1:7-9), but he also rejoices that all will be made alive in Christ (1 Cor.15:22). Not receiving an allotment in the kingdom of God is a serious matter, but it cannot keep God’s achievements gained in the gift of His Son from being realized.
     Jude writes of those who will be condemned (v.4), Peter tells of the swift destruction of false teachers (2 Pet.2:1-3), and we read of judgment in Hebrews 9:27 and the lake of fire in Revelation 20:15, but none of these can stop God from becoming All in all (1 Cor.15:28).
     Mr. Melanson notes the promises of blessing for “overcomers” (Rev.2:7; 1 John 5:4,5), but this truth cannot keep the justification of life spoken of in Romans 5:18 from coming to all humanity. There are special blessings given to certain people, but God is the living God Who is the Saviour of all mankind (1 Tim.4:10), and He will ultimately bring all to the blessing of reconciliation through the blood of Christ’s cross (Col.1:20).
     There are some misleading translations of Hebrew and Greek words in many of our Bible Versions, such as the use of the words “forever” and “everlasting,” which have contributed greatly to the confusion in understanding these verses about condemnation and loss. But the fact that God works all things after the counsel of His will, and His will is that all mankind be saved (Eph.1:11; 1 Tim.2:4), and the fact that Christ Jesus gave Himself a Ransom for all (1 Tim.2:6), should make it clear to the believer that death and destruction and condemnation are not eternal and final states.
     We have literature that goes into details on all these matters and would be happy to send you a packet of such items without charge.
Dean Hough


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