Saviour of All Fellowship
November 2004

Dear Friends in Faith,
     In the book The Harmony of the Eons Eugene Callaway quotes Leon Tucker as saying: “We hear so much about what we must do, that one would think there was nothing that He had done. ‘Do,’ ‘Do,’ we hear on every hand, and how seldom do we hear ‘DONE.’ Thank God, in a world of so many unfinished things there is one thing finished. ‘It is finished’--the work of the Saviour is finished, said he who did it, and no one yet had ever been able to point out an unfinished thing in that redemption work.
     “. . . The done takes away the ‘do.’ ‘DO’ means human endeavor, DONE means Divine accomplishment. ‘Do’ is possible to human attainment . . . ‘Do’ is possible to man. ‘Done’ is alone possible with God. ‘Do’ satisfies the flesh, ‘Done’ is grasped by faith. ‘Do’ is the exercise of human energy. ‘Done’ is the display of the Divine initiative . . . . We are not to be crucified with Christ, we were crucified with Christ . . . . The work of the cross was the crucifying death blow to our old sinful self. Every blessing, every experience, every victory, every deliverance known to the Christian life, comes as the result of the Work of the Cross. It was there God dealt once with sin; that sin need never be dealt with again apart form the Cross. We can never exhaust the results of the work of the Cross. There is enough and to spare. God never gave to any sinner or any saint anything that was not the issue of Christ’s Cross. Certainly the cross is the highest display of God’s wisdom and God’s power.”

     Two new publications have come to our attention. “A View of Universal Reconciliation, A Collection of Articles,” is an 85-page, spiral bound booklet prepared by Max Binney (P.O. Box 604, Madisonville TN 37354) with the assistance of Mike Fitzpatrick. Among other topics it offers studies concerning God’s love, God the Father as Saviour, Luke 15 and 16, and When Will Every Knee Bow? These are compiled mainly from the pages of Unsearchable Riches magazine, along with some of Brother Binney’s own contributions.
     Brother Binney writes that their intention is that the booklets may be given to the public freely, but we suggest that those ordering a copy from him should send a donation to help with their expenses, at least for postage.
     In contrast to Brother Binney’s rather humble and unadvertised work, InterVarsity Press has recently released the final volume of Donald G. Bloesch’s seven-volume study of “Christian Foundations,” under the title THE LAST THINGS. On one hand it is encouraging to find Professor Bloesch writing, “The sheep will be separated from the goats (Mt 25), but at the same time God will ultimately be all in all; all things will be reconciled in him (cf. Eph.1:10; Col.1:19-20)” (p.240). But, even though he would have us view Matthew 24 in light of 1 Corinthians 15, he is never able to embrace the scriptural teaching of universal reconciliation with confidence and delight. He leaves us at the end with a rejection of “universal restoration” as a “dogma of faith” (p.297), while still keeping it as a scripturally supported hope. The light of the scriptural revelations concerning the meaning which Christ’s death and resurrection has for all sinners is sometimes reflected in this book, but too often it is dimmed by religious traditions, human philosophy and appeal to paradox.

Yours in God’s grace and peace,
Dean Hough and Tony Nungesser


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