Saviour of All Fellowship
June 2005

Dear Friends in Faith,
     The Scripture conference announced for Grand Rapids, Michigan, on July 16,17, has been cancelled. We are sorry for this, but the timing proved difficult for speakers, and generally for many who wished to attend but have scheduling conflicts.
     This year seems to be turning out as an unusually busy and rather stressful one for us here, but we are soothed and uplifted by Paul’s words in Philippians 4:6, “Do not worry about anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, let your requests be made known to God.” We have so much to be thankful for!
     For more than twenty years (at very low cost to us) we have worked out of the farmhouse here at 6800 Hough Road, where Tony also has been living (Dean and his family live about a mile away). We very much appreciate this arrangement provided by the kindness of Dean’s cousin, Gertrude Venlet, who owns the house but lives at a distance. Now her situation has made it seem best that she sell the house. Consequently, with thanksgiving to God for the way He has led us thus far (see 1 Sam.7:12), we are preparing for a change in our situation.
     We expect to remain here several months yet, and so our address will not be changing right away. Mail can currently still be sent to us at the 6800 Hough Road address, but we are also now using P.O. Box 314 (as shown above). We cannot see our way clearly, but we want to continue this ministry and trust we may be doing so, “through the will of God” (see Romans 15:28-33).
In the meantime we are rejoicing in the Lord. He is near.
     Tony, Dean and Gisela attended the Northern Ohio Fellowship Conference the weekend of June 10-12 in Willard, Ohio, hosted by J. P. It was especially refreshing to meet Daniel and Ramona Vlad (with their young daughter) from Romania, and hearing their testimony. Their visit was arranged by Brother Jean Douglas (Perfect Grace Ministry, P.O. Box 221, Oakwood GA 30566), who also provides videos of this and earlier conferences. Other speakers, besides Jeff, Dean, Tony and Jean, were Phil Scranton, T.M. and Don Bast.
     In Danny Vlad’s testimony to us he gave the sequence of events leading up to his newfound understanding of God saving all. The catalyst was the birth of his beautiful daughter. Once she was born he could not understand, if eternal hell were correct, how anyone could be happy in heaven if it turned out that their child was being tormented in hell. He went to some pastors in his area of Romania and asked if they could be happy if this were so. It didn’t seem to bother some of them very much, and one said you just had to believe God. These answers were not good enough for Danny, so he began researching salvation of all on the internet. It was after he found some web sites detailing this truth that he got in touch with Jean Douglas. Jean sent him some videos for free (which Danny just couldn’t believe were actually free until Jean reassured him they were). We are very happy to report that Danny now has no worries about his daughter. God has brought him into a realization of this truth! He has been pastoring a church in Romania.

Yours in God’s grace and peace,
Tony Nungesser and Dean Hough


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