chart of the eons

If you will start from the left and work your way to the right you will see how it is that each eon is marked by a drastic earth-wide cataclysm.

The first eon began when the earth was created. That eon ended with the great disruption, when the earth became chaos and vacant.

The next eon began with the re-creation of making the earth habitable again (Gen.1:2) and ended with the flood in Noah's day.

The eon in which we live began after the flood in Noah's day and ends when the great earthquake comes and all the cities of the nations are destroyed. This destruction inagurates the millennium eon.

Finally the millenial (thousand year long) eon ends when the earth is destroyed by fire, bringing in the final eon wich is called, the New Earth. This proves that the eons are not eternal. Eventually God will be “All in all” 1Cor.15:22-28 and it is this goal which all is moving towards.

All judgments occur within the eons and are said to be "eonian" or as some translations say: "age-during" or "age-lasting."


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