Saviour of All Fellowship
July 1999
Dear Friends in Faith,
     Great meetings in Willard, Ohio, June 11-13! God is announced as the Saviour of all humanity over a Cleveland Christian radio station! Upcoming fellowship scheduled for July 17 in Eaton Rapids, Michigan!
     These are headlines for this June newsletter, which admittedly is a bit late. But we hope to get it mailed out early this summer to all on our list, and include with it the first installment of a series of recollections of our readers' introductions to the truth of universal reconciliation.

     If you didn't make it to the Willard fellowship this year you missed a great time of fellowship and teaching. Though I (Tony) was at the radio station with J. P. Friday evening, T. M. and Jean Douglas gave great talks that evening at the conference. Saturday the speakers were Coy Brock, Jim Coram, Dean Hough, J. P. and Tony Nungesser. Sunday, Jim Coram and Jean Douglas concluded the presentations. Coy spoke on “The sovereignty of God in shoe leather.” He showed us that the more we understand our expectation and the sovereignty of God, this will greatly influence our walk, hence the title “. . . shoe leather.” Jim Coram’s message was about “Denying the evangel in Galatians.” He spoke about what it meant to be “anathema” and to “fall out of grace.” Then J. gave a talk about the two Greek words “agapeo” (love) and “phileo” (fond or like). He noted that the wife is to be fond of her husband but the husband is to love unconditionally his wife. He also observed that God not only loves (agapeo) humanity but that He actually likes (phileo) us. Dean Hough spoke on the three stages in Genesis. Stage 1– “God creates”–I am here. Stage 2–Chaos, darkness, vacancy come to be–and these things come into our lives. Stage 3–Lots of steps in how God deals with the first two stages.
     Jim spoke about God sending an operation of deception to those who do not receive the love of the truth (2 Thess.2:10,11), that “not for all is the faith” (2 Thess.3:2) and that some will be withdrawing from the faith so we should do as the scriptures bid us: “Try yourselves if you are in the faith” (2 Cor.13:5). Jean Douglas spoke about demons and their there are different levels. It was an informative talk and done in a rather lighthearted way as only Jean could do. Tony spoke on 1 Tim.2:4-6 on why it is that God wills that all mankind be saved. The three reasons are in verse 5 and 6. 1) “There is only one God” which means there is no one greater to oppose His will. 2) “There is one Mediator . . . Christ,” so He will mediate the right outcome. 3) “He is giving Himself a ransom for all [mankind].”

     J. P., Mike and Denise Telep, Charlie Cronk, Kenny Pridemore and T. M. are doing a fantastic job in getting the evangel out to others over station WCCD AM 1000. The air in the room was charged with a distinct enthusiasm.

     The July Fellowship will be held July 17 from 11:00 to 4:00 at the home of Lou and Diane K., Eaton Rapids, 1 1/2 miles east from the stoplight at M-99 and State Street in Eaton Rapids. There will be a potluck meal at noon. John Krauss will direct the meetings on the theme: Foundations of Faith.

Yours in God's grace,

Dean Hough and Tony Nungesser

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