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October 2006
These Things be Charging and Teaching
(1 Timothy 1:15)

     “. . . if I receive forgiveness, and peace, and a new mind, and the glory to come, wholly as a free gift of God, how can I possibly doubt that God will do the same thing for all fellow sinners that he is doing for me. As a matter of fact, I have found that there lurks in many Christians, who refuse to entertain this larger hope, some self-righteousness, some such conceit as that after all they are finally saved by some merit of theirs, which the others do not possess, and on account of which God does not and cannot save those others.
     That is why I once asked a member of my church, of whom I thought a great deal, but who protested indignantly against my faith in this hope: “Brother, do you expect to be saved?”
He answered: “I surely do.”
     “Well, if God saves you, why should He not save all your brother humans? Are they harder to save than you? Are they so hard to save that God is not able to do it? Or does He not love them as much as He does you? Tell me, why should He make such a frightful difference between you and the others who are no greater sinners than you are?”
     After some hesitancy, he said, what nearly all who hold this same attitude would have said, namely, that the others are not saved because they refuse to be saved. But I showed him that he also refused to be saved up to a certain time, that all refuse to be saved until the right hour has come, and that the willingness to be saved, according to the teaching of the Gospel, also comes from God’s grace.
     But it became plain that in this man’s thinking there still lurked a piece of that pharisaism which thanks God that one is not as bad as the other sinners, and that one still has some merits by which one’s salvation is made possible for God, while He must utterly abandon those others, who do not possess this merit, to endless torment.
-Gustavus Emanuel Hiller THE GREAT QUESTION, Will God Redeem His own Creation?
(The Promise Company, Indianapolis, 1924)

Dear Friends in Faith,
     The preceding selection from our collection of books and articles on the subject of the salvation of all is the first of a series we want to share with you. Brother Hiller was a German Methodist pastor who clearly saw the connection between 1 Timothy 1:15,16; 2:1-7 and 4:9,10. We believe that these themes of the evangel and its effect on our lives should be faithfully taught and charged for the believers’ joy and peace and the glory of God.
     We would like to remind you of the Scripture Study Conference which is scheduled on October 27-29 near Wagener, South Carolina, The host is R. F.
Yours in God’s grace and peace,
Dean Hough and Tony Nungesser


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