Saviour of All Fellowship
January 2007

Dear Friends in Faith,
Tony writes: Often, when broaching the subject of God saving all mankind on an internet message board, someone will write: “Why couldn’t God just have made it so that no one would sin to begin with? That would have made things a lot simpler. All those thousands of years of sin and death and then Christ dying for our sins would not have been necessary.”
     I’m sure that God could have made it so no one would ever have sinned. He could have made us incapable of sinning. He could have made it so there was no tree of a knowledge of good and evil. He could have made the serpent so it would only tell the truth or made the woman impervious to any attack. But what kind of fruit would God have reaped from such a situation?
     There would be no knowledge of death to appreciate life. There would be no sin to appreciate righteousness. There would be no appreciation of a reliance upon the living God. We would have no knowledge of good or evil. Many children doted upon from birth with attempts to shield them from all evils usually grow up to be self-centered, miserable creatures.
     God, in His incredible wisdom, made it so that the way the eons are being played out would be the best, loving, possible way it could be. He needed Adam to sin. He made us flesh and blood knowing full well in advance that “. . . flesh and blood is not able to enjoy an allotment in the kingdom of God, neither is corruption enjoying the allotment of incorruption” (1 Cor.15:50). And so incorruption is on the horizon for all mankind and immortality through vivification.
     The highest blessings obtainable for mankind and for God can only be realized through the sacrifice of His beloved Son. This too was planned before Adam sinned.

     It is with great thankfulness to our God and Father and our Lord and Saviour, Christ Jesus that we are able to continue this ministry for yet another year. Some of you have written expressing your gratitude in receiving the newsletter. May we be granted further favors from above to be a blessing to the body of Christ!

     We have received word from our friend, Roosevelt Arrington, that there will be a conference March 30th to April 1 at the Days Inn, 2100 Dickens Rd., Richmond, Virginia. The phone number for the motel reservations is (804) 282-3300. Those planning to attend should make their reservations as soon as possible. The fellowship and the teaching is always refreshing at this meeting, and we are happy to see the effort being continued.
     We are saddened to hear of the death of Brother Max Binney of Madisonville, Tennessee, on December 31, 2006. He was a faithful teacher and evagelist for many years, who in recent years came to rejoice in the truth of universal reconciliation. In the booklet, “A View of Universal Reconciliation,” which he compiled, he wrote: “The sacrifice of the Lord Jesus Christ upon the cross . . . is a permanent altar to the entire universe. In it is revealed God the Father’s love and concern for all of His creation. All blessing is based upon the Lord’s shed blood upon that cross.” We thank God for his testimony.

Yours in God’s grace and peace,
Tony Nungesser and Dean Hough

P.S. We are sorry that our return envelopes had our address printed in the return address position. We have attached printed labels in the correct place.


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