Saviour of All Fellowship
August 2007

Dear Friends in Faith,
A Sure and Certain Hope
     “For I am reckoning that the sufferings of the current era do not deserve the glory about to be revealed for us. For the premonition of the creation is awaiting the unveiling of the sons of God. For to vanity was the creation subjected, not voluntarily, but because of Him Who subjects it, in expectation that the creation itself, also, shall be freed from the slavery of corruption into the glorious freedom of the children of God. For we are aware that the entire creation is groaning and travailing together until now. Yet not only so, but we ourselves also, who have the firstfruit of the spirit, we ourselves also, are groaning in ourselves, awaiting the sonship, the deliverance of our body. For to expectation were we saved. Now expectation, being observed, is not expectation, for what anyone is observing, why is he expecting it also? Now, if we are expecting what we are not observing, we are awaiting it with endurance” (Rom.8:18-25).
     Sufferings, vanity, slavery, corruption, groaning, travailing, endurance. All of these negative aspects, which affect our daily lives and that of all creation, are more than counter balanced by the positive blessings of glory, being freed, glorious freedom, sonship, deliverance, and being saved which will surely come to pass. This is not only our expectation but the whole creation is awaiting our unveiling. Creation did not volunteer to be brought under bondage. This is God’s plan. We are privileged to be let in on God’s wise and loving goal. A new day will dawn consequent upon us being unveiled as sons of God. The universe will begin to be extracted out of bondage once this occurs.
     In the Concordant Literal New Testament’s Keyword Concordance under the word “expectation” it is written: “a sure and certain hope.” We do not just hope for this deliverance but consider it sure and certain to come. This understanding helps to lighten our burden as we travel through this enslaved creation.
Yours in God’s grace and peace,
Dean Hough and Tony Nungesser


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