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March 2008
Dear Friends in Faith,

     You can tell when even sincere believers are scraping the bottom of the barrel when they must resort to every type of argument no matter how illogical it is to disprove 1 Timothy 2:4-6 and 1 Timothy 4:10.
     Isn't it interesting that proponents of eternal torment love to quote the KJV when it fits their notions but they must make 1 Timothy 2:4-6 and 4:10 say that which the original Author never intended. They do this in order to support their own theological concepts. Such cases of scraping the bottom of the barrel award goes to these argumentations which try to prove that the verses in question do not mean what God originally intended:

  1. God wishes He could save all mankind.
  2. God desires to save all mankind.
  3. "Saviour" does not really mean Saviour here, or it means something different here than anywhere else in the Bible, since these verses are dealing with all mankind.
  4. "all humans" or "all men" or "all mankind" really only means "all sorts of men."
  5. "all humans" or "all men" or "all mankind" really means all mankind but that it just means God wants to protect them from starvation etc.

     I have seen all these arguments from those who believe in eternal torment. Everyone of these believers agreed with all the above 5 points. But a close examination reveals that they cannot all be correct.

     They have to make up their minds. Either it really does mean "all mankind" or it just means "all sorts of men." God either wants to protect just "all sorts of men," especially believers from hunger and nakedness etc. or He wants to protect all mankind, especially believers from hunger and starvation etc.

     Why is it that God "wills that all humans be saved and come into a realization of the truth"? The answer is in verses 5 and 6. By using the word "For" Paul is making his case and giving the reason why it is that God wills all humans to be saved.

  1. For there is one God
  2. and one mediator of God and mankind
  3. a Man, Christ Jesus, Who gave Himself a ransom for all [humans]
  1. Since there is just one God, there are no opposing gods who can thwart God's will in the matter.
  2. Since Christ Jesus gave Himself as the ransom for all mankind and since He is also the mediator of God and mankind, He is mediating as the One Who died for all mankind's sins. The effects of this mediation can only be positive.
  3. Since Christ Jesus gave Himself a ransom for all mankind, we have been ransomed from bondage to sin and death and based upon that, God will save all mankind.

     This shows a very definite eschatological salvation and not a namby pamby, weak willed, wet noodley type of "I really want to help you humans but you just keep Me from doing what I really want to do" type of theology.

     If the verses in question mean that God will just save all sorts of men, this is akin to dishonesty. This is like a judge ordering a man to bring before the court all the documents from his office. The man goes to his office and says "Well they want ALL the files so I will just randomly take one file from each sort of one they want." He goes back to court and presents the judge with all the evidence he thought he could get away with. The judge however is not stupid and notices major gaps in evidence and asks him what happened to all the other files. Well, the man says, You said you wanted all the files so I thought I would make it fair and randomly pick a file from each sort whether or not is was good for my case or against it and you would have a fair sampling. Of course we all know what the judge would say to that! Thanks to Tom Talbott in his book: The Inescapable Love of God for that bit of wisdom!

     Do you think God will do any less in getting all He says He will have than what the judge would? Please don't say this is apples and oranges.

     Fact is that God "wills that all humans be saved and come into a realization of the truth."

     If God is just the provider and sustainer of all humans especially of believers then He sure has done a bang-up job. Millions starve to death each year and millions die being exposed to the elements. Thousands if not millions of babies die after being born. In effect this makes God no Saviour either eschatologically nor the whimpy watered down version of 'soter.'

     "God is the Saviour of all mankind [literally: all humans]"

Yours in God's grace and peace,

Tony Nungesser

Concordant Publishing Concern has re-published the booklet entitled: The Outcome of Infinite Grace by Loyal Hurley along with a few short writings by Joseph Kirk. Mr. Hurley wrote:

     "I was just going into my study when the idea struck me; and the effect was to stop me in my tracks. There in the half-opened door I faced anew one of the old, well known verses of the Bible, and from that day I have had a completely new Bible, and, an increasingly wonderful God.

     "Like Saul of old, I had thought that I ought to do many things against this heretical teaching--everything but to study it! But on that summer day in 1940, just one verse from the Bible changed my attitude completely; and then, I was ready to study. That verse was one that I had known by heart from boyhood, and one that I had thought I had understood perfectly.

     "But on that day it struck me afresh--almost like a blow in the face. With my hand on the knob, I stood, almost spellbound, and faced the most daring thoughts I had ever entertained. It was some time before I could loosen myself enough to continue on through the door and sit down at my desk. Yet ever since that day, I have had a new vision in my heart and mind, one that is ever becoming more beautiful and satisfying."

     To find out what verse it was which changed Dr. Hurley's outlook, you may obtain a single copy of the booklet from us at Saviour of All Fellowship, or write to Concordant Publishing, 15570 Knochaven Road, Santa Clarita, CA 91387.

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